Elearning Services Creating New Stream Site

Hello fellow State of Wyoming employees! We are in the process of creating a new website just for you. It will have a training (actual courses) side and a live streaming side.

In the past we used the ETS Moodle site, WyoTraining, to host courses and YouTube to host our streams. While that has worked well, we are trying to keep some consistency/branding across all our offerings, and make things as easy as possible for you to find what you need.

This is still in developement, but we are confident that this platform will work well for our training and streaming. The new setup will allow us to use our own design, as well as tweak things as we go along. We are developing this with a small team, so if you notice anything that is not working well, please contact us and let us know!

Please head on over to the calendar page and add the training calendar to your gmail so you can see what our live stream offerings are.

We will let you know when everything is polished and ready for you!


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